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Brain Damage (3 вариант)
s s
Q+s s sre q Q+s s srQ
G :------------------|-----------------|
D :-------------5---|-----------------|
A :3--------3-3------|2--------2-2-----|
E :-------3----------|-------2---------|
Q+s ssrQ Q e q q
G :----------------|----------------|
D :----------------|----------------|
A :----------------|--------5---6---|
E :1------x1-1-----|3-----3---------|

q q e s s e s s Q+s s e e e e
G :----9------7h9----7h9-|-----------------|
D :---------9------9-----|7------7---------|
A :7---------------------|---------0-4-5-6-|
E :----------------------|-----------------|

q q e e e s s h s s e e e
G :----9-------9-7h9-|------------------|
D :------------------|7-----------------|
A :7-------7-7-------|--------0-4-5-5-6-|
E :------------------|------------------|
q E s e e q h e e e e
G :----9--------9---|----------------|
D :------------------|7---------------|
A :7--------7-7------|--------0-4-5-6-|
E :-------7----------|----------------|
s s s s
q E s s srsrE q q s srsre
G :----9----9-7-------|----------------|
D :-------------9-----|----7---7-5-----|
A :7------7-------7--|0-----------7-5-|
E :-------------------|----------------|
s s e
Q+s s srE E Q+s s sre s sr
G :------------------|-----------------|
D :--------------5--|-----------------|
A :3--------3-3------|2--------2-2-2-2-|
E :-------3----------|-------2---------|
Q+s s srQ Q e q q
G :-----------------|----------------|
D :-----------------|5-----5-0---1---|
A :-----------------|----------------|
E :1------x-1-1-----|----------------|
G :--------------------------------|
D :2-------------------------------|
A :--------------------------------|
E :--------------------------------|

Breathe, breathe in the air
Don`t be afraid to care
Leave but don`t leave me
Look around and chose your own ground
For long you live and high you fly
And smiles you`ll give and tears you`ll cry
And all you touch and all you see
Is all your life will ever be
Run, run rabbit run
Dig that hole, forget the sun,
And when at last the work is done
Don`t sit down it`s time to start another one
For long you live and high you fly
But only if you ride the tide
And balanced on the biggest wave
You race toward an early grave.

w = whole note
h = half note
q = quarter note
e = eighth note
s = sixteenth note
r = rest (length indicated above r)
Capitals indicate 1.5 * value of note (you figure it out!)
h = hammer-on
Thats about it...
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