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Effigy (I'm Not An)
you are the only person i know
but i take you round to people who are on the go
well you took me to a picture show
and what's the first thing i see
but them burning pictures of my head to toe, hey!
i'm not an effigy, no, no!
i asked you if you would be mad
if i packed my things and moved away to faraway land
well i packed my things and i moved to this place
and what's the first thing i see
but them burning pictures of me in my face, hey!
i'm not an effigy, no, no!
well i moved back from this faraway land
walked right into a room with me mum and me dad
well i saw my picture hanging on the wall
they tried to rip it and burn it
but it just withstood it all and i said hey!
i'm not an effigy
i'm not angry
i'm not an effigy... hey!
well walking around this stinking town
i look up at the buildings and they get me down
well i look to my left and then i look to my right
and then i realize they've been striking at me
since the middle of last night, hey!
i'm not an effigy
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