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Nazareth. Rusian Fan Site. Biographies, Diskographies, Photos, Video, Tour Dates. Оригинальные композиции  Табулатуры для гитаристов Лирика и мызыка Творчество Nazareth
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Well, I ain't about to go to school.
And I'm sick and tired of golden rules.
They say I'm crazy, from the wrong side of the tracks.
I never see them, but they're always on my back.
Well, I'm sick and tired of cleaning room.
And it's the final bell for pushing broom.
Damned if I do, and then I'm damned if I don't.
Won't someone tell me what it is they all want?
It makes me blue!
Ooh, I live with fools!
Ooh, it makes me blue!
Ooh, I live with fools!
I just can't take it!
My teachers all gave up on me.
No matter what they say, I disagree.
And when I need something to soothe my soul,
I listen to too much rock 'n' roll.
Don't want no class reunion.
This circus just left town.
Why behave in public if you're
livin' on a playground?
It makes me blue!
Ooh, I live with fools!
Ooh, it makes me blue!
Ooh, I live with fools!
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