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Little Guitars
Senorita,Im in trouble again,
And i cant get free ( Senorita )
Hear exactly what the doctor ordered,
Come and talk to me
(Ah) Can't crow before Im outa the woods but theres exceptions to the rule
(Ah) Senorita do you need a friend, Im in love with you
Etch a Sketch,etch a sketch
can anybody in their right mind could see,
Its you and me Oooh
You say you're lonesome just getting by,
But you turn your eyes from me,
Be sure you're hurting long before you fly,
Cause you got me
Etch a Sketch,etch a sketch
can anybody in their right mind could see,
Its you and me Oooh
Etch a Sketch,etch a sketch
Yeah when i see you and your little guitars sing to me
I can see you dont know which way to turn,
But the sun still shines (Senorita)
Dont you know that you can dance with me,
Anytime (Ah)
Oh oh oh oooh oh
Oh oh oh oooh
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