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The Dick Song
I've got something to get off my chest
I've got a person that scares me to death
First name is Dick and you know the rest
Well I've got something I just got to say
This vice president will make us pay
We're inching closer to judgment day
My name is Cheney I got no run run Cheney's got a gun
I get my way or I get to use force – on anyone
You know he's evil, he's not of this run run Cheney's having fun
He used a shotgun to blow off a face
He's still not done
Dick Cheney Son of Satan
He is the Chosen One
He's starting wars at the drop of a run run Cheney's got a gun
He says he's certain he's driving them back
Were almost done
Let's have another let's fuck with run run Cheney's having fun
It pleases Satan
When there's blood on the hands
Of his Number One
Dick Cheney Son of Satan
He is the Chosen One
The smell of money keeps him run run Cheney's got a gun
He thinks it's funny when the bodies arrive
What's done is done
The occupation of Satan is run run Cheney's having fun
Now Revelations is oh so near
For everyone
Dick Cheney Son of Satan
He is the chosen one
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