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Nazareth. Rusian Fan Site. Biographies, Diskographies, Photos, Video, Tour Dates. Оригинальные композиции  Табулатуры для гитаристов Лирика и мызыка Творчество Nazareth
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Tell me what I want what I need for all my (sweating(?))
Show me what I get what I earned and why
Keep me all yours, braindead and useless
Take my cues when the crippled many
Must sit with you, corrupt, without pity
The slogan (ream on(?)) greed, lust and power
Feeble, missighted, without honor
The failing marriage slowly grinding into nothing
A bleeding union only left with trying offspring
Suffer, this simple nagging wound
This childish riddle, this dumb cartoon
Keep me all yours, braindead and useless
Keep me all yours, braindead and useless
These fucking (dense(?)), form English hands
Reaching for my throat, to coddle, and throttle, remove all
Try your best to choke the very meaning from my life
A callous whore, a cheating wife
Keep me all yours, braindead and useless
(Useless, fucking useless)
Keep me all yours, braindead and useless
(Useless, fucking useless)
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